Ultimate Guide: Best Mattress for Sciatica

The best mattress for sciatica is the one that leaves you pain-free and gives you a good night’s sleep. Many different types of mattresses will give you what you need, but you need to understand the differences and the benefits of what you are reading. Before you make your final decision, make sure you know all the facts about your new mattress.


What should you look for in the Best Mattresses?


Before you purchase a mattress, you need to know how to look for the mattress that will give you the most benefits for the longest chunk of time. You also want the mattress to suit your body type for complete long-term support. The following can help you options when looking for the right mattress for your home.




You should look at a mattress that meets or exceeds requirements for health and safety. While they are not required for you to find a good mattress, you can guarantee the mattress will be healthy and safe for use. Find out whether the mattress you have any of the following benefits.



GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) limits the use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of any textile product. It is an internationally recognized effort to promote organic farming and limited use of chemicals and dyes that are part of many products.




GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) requires manufacturers to use organic raw materials in the production of the mattress. It also requires the mattress not to use materials from non-organic sources.




Greenguard is a standard that promotes low or no chemical emissions to help improve the air quality around the bed. Improved air quality helps improve health problems by reducing pollutants that come from manufacturing materials. The mattress receives testing to test for over ten-thousand different chemicals that can be harmful to the human body.




Cert-Pure is a designation that comes with some mattresses to indicate the mattress is free of ozone-depleting materials and flame retardant chemicals. It also certifies the mattress is free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100


Oeko-tex Standard one hundred is a certification given to mattress that is free of chlorinated phenols, carcinogenic dyes, Azo dyes, dyes that may induce allergies, VOCs, and heavy metal.s


Types of Mattresses


The type of mattress you purchase is something you should consider for the long-term use of the mattress, but also your health. There are many different types of mattresses on the market in a variety of forms; the most common are:


Spring Mattress


The spring mattress is the traditional mattress. The mattress uses springs spread throughout the width and length of the mattress to support your weight evenly. Thick padding around the mattress helps you not to feel the springs as you move, just their support.


Foam Mattress


The foam mattress is not new but has been around for many years. Layers of foam can help support your body evenly, while different levels of new types of foam let it breathe and support you as you sleep. There are different types of foam between the different brands, so make sure you know what each kind does for you before you make a decision.


Hybrid Mattress


A hybrid mattress is the best of both the foam and spring mattress worlds. The mattress usually has the springs on the bottom of the mattress with a top layer of support foam, or they integrate into the overall design to sit through the mattress for better full-body support. A high-quality mattress will not let your feel the springs, but it will also not be so soft you feel them.


Weight Guidelines


Guying the mattress that will work for your long-term needs means reading up on how thick the mattress is and how well they work for different body types. You want a mattress that will provide you with enough support so you will not have discomfort but also will not be too firm if you not of large build. The weight guidelines and different levels of firmness can help you to determine whether a mattress will work for you in the long-term.


Know your pressure points


If you have back, shoulder, neck, or hip pain, look for mattresses that adjust to help you support your trouble areas while making you as comfortable as possible. Life gives us lots of aches and pains to work through, and not all types of mattresses can help with all problems. Make sure if you have specific physical health issues, that the mattress you review can help you treat it.



If you are unsure about the mattress you are buying, you should make sure a warranty is available for at least a thirty-day trial. A longer warranty is preferable as not all mattresses will exhibit problems within the first thirty days of use. Manufacturers of high-quality mattress should give you at least a limited time warranty, but you may have to contact them directly for the information.


What is the Best Mattress for Sciatica?


The best mattress for you needs to meet everything you need for a good healthy night’s sleep for your whole body. Do your homework before you make your final decision.


Happsy- 100% organic mattress



The Happsy- 100% organic mattress provides you with the comfort and support you want in a mattress for a long, secure night’s sleep. The mattress has an all-organic cotton surface that has pocket spring support that contains no additives or glue. On top of the springs is a medium-firm, two-inch layer of organic wool batting and latex design with the support that traps heat.


The dual layers of organic cotton, wool, and latex with pocket springs help to direct heat throughout the mattress and disperse it, keeping you sleeping cool. The system also wicks away any moisture buildup to keep you dry and comfortable while you sleep. The design is free of additives that can make your mattress unhealthy or dangerous.


Your new mattress does not have a host of chemicals such as formaldehyde, pesticides, or GMOs. It is also free of polyurethane foam and unhealthy flame retardants that all can cause the mattress to off-gas while you sleep. The mattress comes with certifications for GOTS and GOLS, as it meets the standards for a healthy mattress.




  • The mattress has met GOTS and GOLS standards.
  • You will not need to worry about weird smells as it will not off-gas.
  • The mattress uses organic cotton, wool, and latex to help keep you healthy.




  • The mattress might be too soft for some sleepers.
  • The mattress is not cost-effective.


Naturepedic Organic Quilted Deluxe



The Naturepedic Organic Quilted Deluxe mattress is completely organic. The mattress comes with GOTS certification as proof that the mattress is free of adhesives and flame retardants. You can guarantee your family will stay healthy using this mattress as it also meets Greenguard gold standards for limited to no emissions.


The mattress comes without any latex, using only premium organic cotton covering steel coils. Having the mattress free of latex helps preserve the environment and make the mattress usable for people who suffer from latex allergies. The mattress works to make you healthier on several levels while maintaining your home environment.


Made with Amish craftsmanship in the United States, the mattress cotton and coil design helps air pass through the mattress, keeping you cool at night. The mattress design will last for years without sinking or causing sleep discomfort.




  • The mattress comes with GOTS and Green guard certifications.
  • You do not need to worry about unusual materials as it is cotton and steel springs only.
  • Air passes through the mattress, keeping you cool at night.




  • The sides of the mattress collapse if you sit or lay on them.
  • The springs do not support your back.


Pure Green Natural Latex


The Pure Green Natural Latex form mattress is a healthy mattress you can count on for your health. With Greenguard certification, you can guarantee the mattress is free of harmful chemicals or flame retardants. It also has no polyurethane or synthetic or blended latex foams in its construction.


The mattress comes with organic cotton and quilted wool cover designed and manufactured in Chicago. This medium-firm mattress comes with six –inches of natural thirty-four ILD latex foam and two inches of twenty ILD latex foam, all wrapped in organic wool padding the help make it soft and stable.


The mattress is a good firm mattress that works well for back and side sleepers. The mattress also works well for couples that have mixed needs for mattress support. The wool is one hundred percent organic wool from New Zealand with one hundred percent organic Sri Lankan natural latex foam. One hundred percent cotton helps make the mattress more biodegradable.




  • The mattress comes with Greenguard certification for being chemical and flame-retardant-free.
  • High-quality materials come from around the world to the Chicago manufacturing plant.
  • Your new mattress is biodegradable, making it more environmentally sustainable.




  • The mattress is not cost-effective.
  • The mattress is not firm enough for some sleepers.


Zinus Memory foam



The Zinus Memory foam comes infused with green-tea memory foam. The green tea provides you with natural health benefits while helping you feel support and less pressure for a good night’s sleep. The mattress comes with multiple layers of foam, pressure-relieving comfort foam, and a high-density base that supports your spine and hips evenly.


The foam comes with CertiPUR US certifications for long-term performance and durability. Green tea and castor natural seed oil come infused in the foam to help eliminate any odors that might develop and bacteria through long-term use. The combination of foam with green tea also helps them be naturally cooling and comfortable.


The mattress arrives rolled up in a box and requires up to forty-eight hours for the mattress to return to its original shape. The mattress also comes with a ten-year limited warranty, in case you have problems.




  • A limited ten-year warranty comes with the mattress.
  • The infusion on green tea and castor natural seed oil help eliminate odors and bacteria.
  • The mattress comes with CertiPUR US certification for performance.




  • The mattress uses fiberglass as a flame retardant that releases if you take off the cover.
  • The mattress can come with a smell if the manufacture date is more than a year out.


Cloud 9 Latex Mattress



The Cloud 9 Latex Mattress allows you to order a six-inch, eight-inch, or eleven-inch mattress in whatever size you need. You can customize your comfort for added support or lesser support depending on your body type. If you weigh up to two hundred sixty-five pounds, you should choose a middle height with the maximum providing comfort for everyone above that weight and the six-inch providing enough support for those under two hundred sixty-five pounds.


The Cloud nine mattress has a superior core design that provides the right degree of support and pressure to help the mattress be responsive, but also supportive. You will float using high-quality foam support layers wrapped in organic Tencel that helps you maintain the ideal temperature while you sleep.


The mattress has responsive pushback support for people of all lifestyles or support needs the Elastomeric support helps the mattress survive bouncing or rapid alternations in form without losing shape or denting. It has latex worked into the design to help it bounce back after use to keep your body supported for years.




  • High-quality Tencel covers the mattress to help you remain temperature controlled.
  • You can select the height of the mattress for the best results for your needs.
  • The mattress comes with pushback support to prevent dents from developing for long-term support.




  • You sink in a bit when lying on the mattress.
  • The mattress is not cost-effective.


Final Thoughts


Sometimes to get the best thing for your sleep, you will need to pay more. You will pay less in the long-term with reduced health problems, or the need to replace the mattress before a couple of years is up. The best mattress for sciatica is the Cloud 9 Latex Mattress.


The Cloud 9 mattress comes with everything a person needs to manage Sciatica. The mattress lets you select the thickness so you can feel the most support. You can also find the mattress with the Certi-PUR, an Oeko-Tex standard 100 certifications for health and safety. The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty, so you are completely covered should something happen.

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