Top 5: Best Floor Mattresses in 2022

Floor mattresses are an excellent option for people looking to accommodate guests or those who want a mattress they can use while enjoying overnight outdoor activities. They are affordable, easy to pack and carry, and do not take a lot of space to store. To get the best value from floor mattresses, however, you must understand what it takes to get the best floor mattress and then shop for it.

How to choose the best floor mattress for guests

Are you interested in buying a floor mattress for your guests? If you are, here are factors to consider before hitting the stores to ensure you get the best product:

• Comfort level: When purchasing a floor mattress for guests, it is important to consider its comfort. While a floor mattress may not provide the support that regular beds offer, it is worth noting that some manufacturers are utilizing different technologies to make floor mattresses that you will find considerably comfortable and supportive. All you have to do is carry out some market research to find them.

• Quality: The durability of a floor mattress will depend on the type of material used in manufacturing it. A high quality floor mattress will remain functional for between 4 and 6 years before you need to replace them.

• Price: Although the cost of floor mattresses differ based on quality and brand, you can conduct background research to ensure that you find a relatively cheaper mattress that is of high quality.

• Consider the rewards that come with buying the floor mattresses: When shopping for floor mattresses, you can get more value for your money by going for brands that offer more buying incentives. Among the perks to look out for is a long warranty. Normally, however, the warranty for floor mattresses is shorter when compared to that of regular beds.

• Type of floor mattress you want: There are two main types of floor mattresses that you can purchase for your guest room: rollable and foldable. The main difference is that rollable floor mattresses are relatively thinner as compared to the foldable ones.

Attributes that differentiate floor mattresses for guests

Here are some of the attributes that make some floor mattresses different from others:

• Size: Just like standard mattresses, floor mattresses are available in different sizes. When buying one, therefore, you will need to determine the number of people you want to sleep on it so that you purchase the ideal size.

• Thickness: When purchasing floor mattresses, always go for the thicker brands since they offer more comfort even if their being bulkier could be a turn off to some people. Thinner beds are less comfortable but less bulky.

• Firmness level: People who generally prefer sleeping on the side should opt for softer mattresses while those who sleep on the stomach enjoy firmer ones. Back sleepers will often enjoy relaxing on medium-firm brands.

• Temperature regulation: Generally, hot sleepers prefer sleeping on the floor and, therefore, would prefer floor mattresses to standard mattresses. This is because the floor beds offer some natural coolness.

What are the benefits of floor mattresses for guests?

Here are some of the benefits of buying floor mattresses for guests:

• They are affordable: Floor mattresses are budget-friendly because they are relatively cheaper to acquire as compared to purchasing full-sized beds for your guest. Compared to buying a full-sized bed, you will only spend a fraction of the money to buy a floor mattress, and you can save the rest.

• Floor mattresses are very versatile: One of the differences between floor mattresses and the ordinary full-sized beds is that you can put a floor bed into various uses based on the type you buy.

• Floor mattresses take a smaller space as compared to full-sized beds. When it comes with looking for alternatives for full-sized beds that can save you space, you can opt for floor mattresses.

• It is very portable: Floor mattresses are highly mobile, and you can use them for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping trips, RV trips and hikes. The mattresses are also compact in design. As such, you can easily carry them and take them as sleeping material for outdoor activities.

• A floor mattress can enhance your hospitality. If you are that person who always has visitors staying overnight yet your house is tiny, acquiring a floor mattress can ensure that you accommodate friends and family members better.

Review of Top 5 Floor Mattresses

1. Simmons BeautySleep Siesta Memory Foam Mattress


• It is a roll-up floor mattress, which means it is easy to store after use.
• Exceptionally light. The mattress is lightweight and capable of giving your guests a comfortable sleeping space.
• It is a single size mattress that measures 75 ” L by 31″ W. It is made of from comfort foam and memory foam with a 3″ thick plush.
• Versatile: This floor mattress is convenient because it can be put into different uses. This means that you can use it for sleepovers, as an accessory in playrooms, when camping, as a guest bed, in dorm rooms, and as a mattress topper.
• Easy storage. The floor mattress can be rolled up to a 12″ diameter for secure storage and transportation.
• It comes with a removable ultra-plush with a machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. It also comes with a durable strapped travel carry bag.


• The mattress comes with a machine-washable cover for easy cleaning.
• Its strapped travel bag makes it easy to carry around.
• You can use it for different purposes


• It is available in a single size

2. Hazli Most Comfortable Memory Foam Floor Mattress


• This multipurpose memory foam mattress is 100% waterproof, thus making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
• Available in three sizes; single, twin, and for kids
• It features a non-slip bottom to use on tiles or hard floors, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor camping purposes.
• Easily foldable: The mattress is very flexible, and you can fold it within a few minutes and pack it for storage or transportation.
• Buyers get free packing straps that are included in the Hazli floor mattress packaging, thus making it easy to fold and pack for storage or transport.
• Six months money-back guarantee: The manufacturer offers a free 6 months money-back guarantee, which means that you can get your money back if you are not content with the service it provides.


• Buyers get a six-month money-back guarantee. This means that you will not suffer any loss if you do not enjoy its service
• It is a roll-up floor mattress that you can fold easily for secure storage
• 100% waterproof, thus making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use


• You might find it challenging to fold and fit it into the carry bag.

3. Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress for Sleep & Travel – Full Long


• Antibacterial: Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon mattress is designed and made to feature hypoallergic and antibacterial properties, thus ensuring that it is safe for use even for babies. This is because it has no risk of irritation.
• Comfortable and portable: This traditional Japanese futon mattress is comfortable to sleep on. It is very light hence can be folded easily for transporting.
• Exceptionally versatile: Luxton Home Futon mattress is very convenient and can be used for different uses. It can be used as a floor mattress for guests, as a yoga or meditation mattress or for travelling and camping purposes.
• It takes a lot of time to expand to full size. The bed has been packed in a tight air package and will require a lot of time to unfold and reach its maximum capacity. This means that you have to spread it out and leave it for about three days for complete expansion.
• The mattress enhances back health. The Futon mattresses are designed with a thin firm surface that ensures your spine is well aligned to prevent back pain and other sleep-related problems.


• It offers a firm sleeping surface that aligns your spine, thus preventing back pain.
• The mattress is versatile since it can serve different purposes
• It is very light, making it easy to pack and transport


• Might appear too thin for some people, and it has no full-sized version

4. Japanese Floor Mattress Futon Mattress


• It is made from premium material: The mattress is made of 100% cotton while the filling material is made of half microfiber cotton and half microfiber.
• The floor mattress is made of 3 layers of cotton. This will ensure that it does not collapse easily, and it offers you value for money due to its durability.
• You get free dustproof cover, canvas storage bag, and a pair of bandage. This enticing package assures you of value for your money. The dustproof cover will significantly enhance the durability of your mattress.
• Very versatile. You can utilize it for a wide range of purposes. This is because it can make a great bedroom Futon, Tatami mat, living room Futon, Japanese bed mat, guest mattress, or even as a floor pillow bed.


• The free dustproof cover enhances its durability, thus giving you value for your money.
• Its versatility means that you can put it to different uses
• It comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage


• You may need to add a blanket to avoid feeling the hard floor.

5. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon (shikibuton)


• The fabric is made from 100 % cotton while the stuffing of the mattress contains 100% polyester.
• Made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen with experience in manufacturing traditional Japanese Shiki Futon (Shikibuton) mattresses.
• They come with a zipper that makes upholstering easy for you.


• It is a roll-up floor mattress, which means that it is easy to pack and store
• The mattress is portable; it is lightweight, which means that you can easily lift it or carry it with ease.
• It is highly versatile; you can utilize the mattress as a guest floor mattress or a sitting cushion. This means that it will give you more value for your money.


• They are very thin, and some people may require two layers of them to sleep comfortably


From the review above, it is easy to settle on Hazli Most Comfortable Memory Foam Floor Mattress as the best floor mattress. It is easily foldable, 100% waterproof, and the six months money-back guarantee gives you the security you need to find out if it will work for you. It is also highly versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Hazli Most Comfortable Memory Foam Floor Mattress is also available in different sizes, implying that you can choose the one that corresponds to your needs. Moreover, carrying it around the house, to your campsite, or to other outdoor activity is easy since it is exceptionally light.

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