The joys of a baby are endless. They are cute, cuddly, and bring so much sunshine into your life. As a parent, that joy can also come with concern. Especially when deciding on the best crib mattress for your baby.

Believe it or not, babies spend most of their time sleeping. Infants sleep on average 14-17 hours per day ( ). A good crib mattress is important to ensure the comfort and safety of your baby while sleeping.

What to Look For In A Crib Mattress

Quality is at the top of the list when deciding on a crib mattress. You want a crib mattress that does not easily tear. Stay away from mattresses that have low-quality foam and thin vinyl coverings. This can lead to cracking and tearing.

Things to look for in the mattress are better quality cushioning and dense foam. Remember, quality doesn’t always equate to being expensive, there are great crib mattresses that are affordable. The materials, design, construction, and feel of the mattress can help you determine the quality level.

Similar to shopping for an adult mattress, a crib mattress is just as important. You want to look for firmness in a crib mattress. A crib mattress tends to be firmer than an adult mattress. Firmness is important because you want the mattress to offer bone support.

Babies have fragile growing bones. A mattress that is too soft cannot adequately provide support for your baby. As your infant becomes more active and begins to stand and rollover, the firmness of the crib mattress is essential for protection.

When choosing a crib mattress, the materials inside the mattress matters. The materials should be safe for infant use and durable. Safety is a priority.

A mattress should fit tight and snuggly inside of a crib. There should be no space between the crib and the mattress. Your finger should not be able to fit between the sides of the mattress and the crib.

The mattress is too small for the crib if there are spaces present. Not every mattress will fit all cribs equally. Although there are regulated crib and crib mattress sizes, some manufacturers have slight irregularities. Improperly sized mattresses can potentially harm your baby.

The federal government regulated standard crib mattress size is 27 ¼ inches wide and 51 5/8 inches long. As for the thickness, crib mattresses should not be more than 6 inches thick.

What is the difference between a foam crib mattress and an innerspring crib mattress?

When shopping for a crib mattress, there will be different types. The two main types you will encounter are foam and innerspring mattresses.

A foam crib mattress is mostly made from polyurethane. In some brands, a foam mattress will also have latex and soy. Foam mattresses are typically light in weight

In an innerspring crib mattress, springs are inside the mattress to provide support. Some innerspring mattresses can have more than 250 springs inside. The more springs present, the firmer the mattress.

The main difference between the two types of crib mattresses is the materials inside the mattress and the overall weight of the mattress. Also, foam mattresses are normally less expensive than innerspring crib mattresses. One is not better than the other, but it is more of personal preference.

Should I buy a new or used crib mattress?

If it is possible, you should buy a new crib mattress. You cannot effectively tell if a used mattress is sanitary and safe for your baby.

With a used mattress, you don’t know how it was stored or cared for. This is important because bacteria and mold can grow on the surface of crib mattresses.

Reusing a crib mattress amongst siblings in the same house is acceptable if the mattress is still in great condition, sanitized, and stored properly.

Crib Mattress Safety

All crib mattresses for sale in the U.S. must meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. These standards review both testing and materials.

When purchasing your crib mattress look for an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. What makes this certification important is that it is a worldwide certification that guarantees you there are no flame retardants or heavy metals used in the mattress.

Things to consider when using a crib mattress:
• Always place babies on their backs. The safest sleeping position for your baby is on their back. When babies sleep on their backs, you lower their risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
• Empty cribs are best! Keep the crib empty. Stuffed animals, multiple blankets, and other things should not be kept in the crib. Risks of suffocation and other harm are possible when there are items in the crib.

How much can I expect to pay for a crib mattress?

Prices vary on crib mattresses. A crib mattress can be as low as $40 and go as high as $350. Organic mattresses can be even more expensive and go as high as $400.

Crib Mattress Reviews

With so many crib mattresses on the market, what is the best crib mattress? I searched and found some of the best quality options.

1. Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

The Newton brand is a top-quality option. This mattress has innovative breathe-thru technology for better airflow. This is beneficial because it reduces the risk of suffocation. Perfect for when your baby begins to roll over and move at night.

• You can use this mattress for a long time. It has 2-stages for both infants and toddlers
• 100% washable. You can conveniently clean this mattress at any time. It is the only 100% washable mattress on the market
• The mattress is temperature regulated. This feature helps to keep your baby from overheating and sweating while sleeping
• Your baby’s skin will be safe while lying on the mattress. It is hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive skin babies
• This mattress is certified for low emissions. It has no foam, latex, springs, glue or allergens.
• 100% recyclable

• There is a slight smell to the mattress
• Measure your crib size and the mattress size. This mattress tends to run slightly smaller

2. Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress in a Box

If you are looking for a premium crib foam mattress, consider this option. The mattress is made with the recommended firmness for infants. It is designed to correctly fit any standard full-sized crib and toddler bed. The mattress is made of polyurethane foam and it is 7 pounds.

• The mattress is water-resistant. This feature comes in handy with diaper accidents and leaks
• There is a washable outer cover on the mattress. You can wash this cover with a washing machine
• High-quality breathable foam fills the core of the mattress to help your baby get their full rest
• The mattress meets all applicable federal safety standards for the protection of your little one
• 6-year warranty is included

• The mattress ships compressed in a box. It may take a few days for the mattress to form into its rightful size and thickness
• Depending on the preference of your toddler, the mattress can be too firm for some kids

3. Sealy Baby Flex Cool 2-Stage Airy Dual Firmness Waterproof Standard Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress, 51.7”x 27.3

A 2-stage mattress provides you with long-lasting use for infants and toddlers. The mattress provides comfort and protection. On the infant side, the mattress is firmer. This site features a soy foam. CoolTex is used to enhance the mattress with waterproof cotton covering.

• Waterproof and stain-resistant. This feature will help with easy cleaning and protection against accidents
• The material on the mattress is cool and breathable to help regulate body temperature
• Soybean cool gel memory foam to help absorb your babies movements for added protection
• lock-stitched binding – this is important because the mattress will not unravel or trap liquids or odors
• The mattress passed safety quality and chemical tests to ensure that your baby is safe while using the product
• Great fit – the square corner design on the mattress allows it to fit securely and safely in standard cribs.

• If your toddler likes a soft surface to sleep on, the toddler side of this mattress is extremely firm
• In some cribs, there is a small gap between the mattress and crib walls

4. Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

This dual-zone design mattress allows you to flip the mattress as your child grows into a toddler. For infants, the mattress provides a firm, flat, and even surface to maximize their development. The firm surface on this mattress can help to strengthen the muscles of your baby.

• The firmer side of the mattress is firm enough to support your infant to roll over and sit up
• There is an ultra-soft waterproof cover on the mattress that is organic cotton. This is important because you want your babies skin to stay dry and free from rashes
• Inverted seams are on the mattress to help with prolonged use. Extra durability ensures that you can safely use the mattress during the infant and toddler years
• The mattress measures approximately 51.63 inches long and 27.25 inches wide and 6 inches thick. This means the mattress should fit securely on standard-sized cribs

• Despite its claim to be waterproof, liquids can still leak through the mattress
• The seams on the side of the mattress are easily able to tear

5. Moonlight Slumber Breathable Dual Sided Baby Crib Mattress

Next on the list is another dual sided function mattress. What makes this mattress special the inner woven nest core technology. The core is made with high-end foam to avoid sweating. If you are looking for a safe quality mattress for your baby or toddler, this is a top option.

• 100% waterproof
• The mattress is hypoallergenic, great for kids that have sensitive skin
• You can easily clean the dual mattress to ensure a clean and germ-free surface for your baby
• Made with high-quality material. The mattress is a bed bug and dust mite resistant.
• It has safely sewn seams to help with durability and safety
• Made with woven fire barrier underneath the fabric cover

• There is a minimum difference between the infant and toddler side of the mattress.
• After prolonged use, a dip may begin to form in the mattress


There are a lot of qualities and features to consider when purchasing a crib mattress. From the list above, my top pick is the Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed. Overall the brand has a great reputation and the mattress has high-quality features and stellar reviews. This mattress gives you the best safety, firmness, and comfort for a great price.

Remember to look for quality, size, comfort, and safety when purchasing a crib mattress. The mattress should provide a supportive environment for your baby to enjoy a restful sleep. Whether you choose a foam mattress, spring mattress, or dual mattress, choose the one that best fits the needs of your baby.

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