The best pillow for neck and back pain is the one that treats them both while being cost-effective. Multiple types of ergonomic pillows can help you treat your pain. Do your homework before you make your final choice and look for the pillow that will help treat your pain the best.

What should you consider before buying the best pillow for neck and back pain?

Many things go into making a good pillow. For the best pillows, you need to consider the following as you search for the pillow that will reduce your neck and back pain, at the price you need it to be.

  1. Ergonomic Design

Part of looking for a pillow that treats neck and back pains is looking for one that is ergonomic. When you start looking for the right ergonomic pillow, look for one that will provide your neck with the support it needs to treat your condition. Not all types of ergonomic pillows will help support your neck in the way it needs support.

Having back as well as neck problems mean you need to find the ergonomic pillow that can provide you with the right degree of support for both types of conditions because you need to treat both types of conditions, not just one.

  1. High-Quality Materials

High-quality memory foam pillows are firm, yet designed to be soft enough for you to have support and comfort. The pillow should also return to its original position when you are through sleeping on it. A regular pillow goes flat and gets out of shape from your sleep, and you need to find one that is firm enough to remain in the correct supportive position for years.

  1. Hypoallergenic

While not all types of memory foam can be supportive, they also can’t be hypoallergenic or free of harmful chemicals and metals. Do your homework when you find a pillow that you think will work for your needs. Pillows trap dust and other types of allergens in their designs.

A hypoallergenic pillow comes with different types of labels for health and safety like CertiPUR-US. The pillows with this type of labeling have passed all the requirements for being free of harmful chemicals and metals that cause illnesses such as lead and mercury.

  1. Machine Washable Cover

A machine-washable cover will protect your pillow for the long-term. It will also give you a way to wash away your night’s sleep that stays on your pillows such as dead skin cells and hair products. Being able to wash the protective cover will keep the pillow fresh and help you stay healthy.

  1. Price

The price is the last thing you need to look at when trying to purchase a pillow that helps treat your neck and back problems. If you find the right pillow, sometimes you will need to spend more to get the sleep you need. Look at all your options before you make your final decision.

What is the Marnur Cervical Pillow?

The Marnur cervical pillow is a new memory foam orthopedic pillow. The pillow design includes special curves to all for neck, shoulder, and back support for all kinds of sleepers. The back, side and stomach sleepers will find a reduction in any pain or tightness from using the pillow because of the contours that let your neck find optimal angles and support.

The pillow has an extra-wide design and shape so it can work for any type of sleeping posture you choose to use. The ergonomic design supports your neck and helps it naturally curve into the center cavity of the pillow, reducing stain and alignment, and providing support for the thoracic spine. Specially designed armrests let you relax your body around the pillow as you sleep if you are on your side or stomach.

What are the main features of the Marnur Cervical Pillow?

The main features of the Marnur Cervical Pillow help it provide you with just the right support for back, neck, and shoulder pain.

  1. Design

The design of the pillow includes many features that help keep your neck supported and provide you with a sound night’s sleep.

  1. Larger Size

The pillow is larger than the average pillow. It measures almost twenty-four inches in length and almost fifteen in width. The larger size helps you remain on the pillow if you are a person who tosses and turns at night. You will never roll off and find yourself on the mattress with your neck out of alignment as the shape of the pillow includes an indent for your head to rest in.

  1. Ergonomic Design

The pillow has an ergonomic design that includes a natural curve to help support the cervical contours of your neck and a large center cavity where your head can rest without falling off. It has additional wedge extensions on the sides to help support your thoracic spine and armrests so you can hold or cup the pillow as you sleep if you are a side or stomach sleeper.

  1. Materials

Multiple materials go into making the pillow that helps make it stay supportive and be the perfect thing for your neck. The materials, along with the ergonomic design, help make the pillow work to prevent pain that can develop from odd sleeping angles.

  1. Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow is memory foam. Along with the unique design that gives you a place for your head and armrests for you to grip, the memory foam helps the pillow shape to your head in all its sleeping positions. The foam does not get mushy or out of shape as you sleep and will continue to support you for a long time.

Because memory foam learns that shape of your head, the pillow will slowly rebound to its original shape after every night’s sleep. The design that molds to your head and springs back will let you continue to support your neck, head, and shoulders properly for many nights of good sleep.

  1. Removable Zippered Pillow Case

The Marnur pillow comes with a removable pillowcase that is a mixture of rayon and polyester to help it absorb night sweat and be breathable. The pillowcase comes off easily and is machine washable, so no stains get on the Marnur pillow, and you can know that the pillow remains breathable and clean. The pillowcase also helps keep the pillow feeling cool to the touch so you can remain temperature-controlled throughout the night.

  1. CertiPUR-US

CertiPUR-US is a label given to mattresses and pillows deemed to be very healthy. The Marnur Pillow comes with the CertiPUR-US label guaranteeing that has met or exceeded the requirements for no ozone depleters that no flame retardants, including TDCPPs, PBDEs, and TCEPs are in the pillow. There are also no heavy metals, including lead and mercury, and the pillow contains no phthalates and is low for emissions (VOC, Volatile Organic Compound).

The pillow is extremely healthy for you to use if you are skin sensitive to different types of compounds, and the natural bamboo that comes woven into it helps it be hypoallergenic for some types of allergies. The materials of the pillow help it be something you can safely use for years without risk of serious illness from harmful materials. The pillow is a good choice for anyone sensitive to compounds previously found in our mattress and bedding materials.

What do Verified Buyers of the Marnur Cervical Pillow think?

Verified buyers of the marnur Cervical Pillow love the feel of the pillow underneath their neck no matter what position they choose to sleep in. They also love that the pillow does not smell or get squishy quickly after repeated use. The ability to choose your sleeping position and have the pillow support their heads and necks has amazed some buyers because they either never slept in those positions before or haven’t slept in them for years because of neck and back problems.

What are some alternatives?

Sometimes you need different types of pillows for different occasions, or the prices do not match your budget. There are other types of pillows on the market that are very similar and offer similar benefits for neck and back support.

  1. EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The Epabo Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a luxury sleeping pillow. Made to be therapeutic for all kinds of sleepers, your neck pain is a thing of the past. You will be able to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged for your days.

The pillow is ergonomic in design to help support and align to your head, neck, shoulders, and back into proper angles and support. The pillow can help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep in the position that works best for you to sleep. Your neck gets full support no matter what position you sleep in, including back, side, and stomach sleeping.

The pillow is a fully breathable memory foam that helps air circulate freely throughout the pillow. The pillow is hypoallergenic polyester and rayon to help prevent dust mites as well as be chemical-free.

  • The Epabo pillow is less cost-effective than the Marnur pillow.
  • The Marnur pillow is good back and neck pain, the Epabo pillow is only for neck pain.
  • Both pillows are ergonomic in design to help provide complete support for your neck.

Winjoy Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The Winjoy Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a high-density memory foam pillow. With an orthopedic design, your neck gets full support in whichever position you choose to sleep. Your new pillow provides you with complete neck support as your head fits into the middle section of the pillow.

The pillow’s memory foam will not get hard or too soft during changes of weather and use. The pillow is ergonomic in design and comes with a washable pillowcase to help protect the pillow and clean it when ready. You can wash the pillowcase in the washing machine to help keep you bend clean as well as your neck supported.

The Winjoy pillow comes in a variety of sizes and hardness to help you find the pillow that works best for your needs. Designed to meet all kinds of sleep position needs, you will be able to find the pillow that works the best for your neck, no matter what position you sleep in. You can order the pillow in soft, medium, and hard memory foam and expect the pillow to return to its normal position after you receive a good night’s sleep.

  • You can order the Winjoy pillow in different types of firmnesses; you can only order the Marnur Pillow in one firmness.
  • Both pillows come with breathable, machine-washable pillowcases.
  • The Winjoy pillow is more cost-effective than the Marnur pillow

HOKEKI Pillow Ergonomic Cervical Sleeping Pillow

The Hokeki Pillow Ergonomic Cervical Sleeping Pillow is a high-quality memory foam pillow. Made with a concave design, the pillow helps provide ergonomic support for your head and neck to help you be the most comfortable in whatever position you sleep in. The pillow also has a long lifespan with a removable and washable pillow that helps extend the life of your memory foam pillow.

The pillow design lets it be the sleep pillow for any type of sleeping position. The design helps your neck remain supported to reduce pressure point sensitivity to improve blood flow and circulation. You will also feel healthier from using the pillow, and soreness will decrease as the blood flow around your neck increases.

The pillow is longer and larger than the average pillow to help reduce the soreness of your tired neck and shoulder muscles. The pillow design also excludes the use of harmful material such as formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and heavy metals. The pillow will have no odors and ships in a sealed bag for hygienic purposes.

  • The Hokeki pillow reduces pressure point sensitivity; the Marnur makes no claims regarding pressure point relief.
  • Both types of the pillow work well for all types of sleeping positions.
  • Both pillows are free of harmful metals and harmful chemicals that can make you sick.
  • The Marnur pillow has the CertiPUR-US label for safety; the Hokeki pillow does not.

Final Thoughts

The right pillow can be hard to find. The regular pillows are more cost-effective, but they wear thin and go flat quickly. A high-quality memory foam pillow can provide you with lasting support, if ergonomic, and last for years if you select the right one. The best pillow for neck and back pain is the Marnur Cervical Pillow.

The Marnur Cervical pillow helps treat all types of neck and back pain. It is ergonomic in design, is CertiPUR-US, and comes with a removable pillowcase that keeps it fresh and healthy. For more information about the Marnur Cervical Pillow, please follow the link.

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