Guide To Best California King Mattress

Your bed can contribute to your overall health, including your spinal health and the amount of restful sleep you get, so choosing the ideal mattress matters. If you tend to move around in your sleep or your spouse or partner does, the largest mattress available – the California king mattress – can help you.

 You need a roomy mattress to provide the space for both people to obtain a good night’s sleep. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you choose the right one from the plethora of options you will find online.

 What Makes a Good Bedding Value?

Let’s address price first since it typically determines the bed you take home more than anything. Your best strategy lies in visiting local stores first to test each mattress. Recline on each one at least ten minutes in the position in which you sleep. This lets you tell if you will experience a comfortable sleep or if you will feel pain. If the latter occurs, skip that mattress.

After you have chosen which beds best suit you, write down the manufacturer, name of design or model and its identification number. Go home and conduct your online pricing research. You can find much better pricing online. Check for a warranty and a refund/exchange/returns policy. You can expect a new bed and box spring set to last between five to 10 years before you need to purchase another.

 Selection Size

 Some brands do not make these oversized king beds. You can easily find a Serta but may not find a Dreamcloud. Start with well-known brands. This makes your search simpler. You will be less likely to find a bed in this size from off-brands or budget brands like those that partner with Walmart or Target. A California king provides a luxury sleep experience and the manufacturers creating them reflect that.

 Materials Matter

 Your best option in materials depends on your favorite sleep position. That’s not hinky. It is true.

Mattresses use one of three common designs. This includes:

  •  adjustable (air or hybrid),
  •  innerspring,
  •  foam.

 If you sleep on your stomach, choose a firm bed, such as an innerspring design provides. If you sleep on your side, innerspring or soft foam works best. Those that sleep on their back can choose from the full selection. Regardless of your favored sleep position, if you want to alleviate back pain, choose memory foam or latex that will mold to your body and provide support. Read on to learn more about the design types and for whom they best work.


 Adjustable designs like the air-filled mattress made by Sleep Number let you determine the firmness of your side of the mattress. This lets you adjust the bed depending on the day and how you feel. It allows you and your partner to customize each side of the bed so you both get a great night`s sleep.

You could also choose an adjustable foam mattress, such as those produced by Layla. These feature a firm side and a soft side. You simply flip the mattress over to the one you want. That manufacturer also offers a modular design with springs you can adjust by moving their location within the mattress.


 Ah, those fun, bouncy beds you pretended were a trampoline as a child still exists. If you want that bounce, choose a traditional innerspring design. These provide a firmer surface with some give when you need it. You get two choices – interconnected coils offer more durability while individual fabric-covered coils reduce the feeling of the bed moving when your partner gets up in the middle of the night for a snack or the restroom.


 It might amuse you to learn that foam can provide a firmer bedding base. Memory foam designs provide better pressure relief, but the density of the foam matters as does its thickness. Newer designs offer multiple foam layers. Side sleepers wanting shoulder and hip support should choose a foam mattress with built-in pressure relief points.

 Best California King Mattress Choices

 Now that you know what to look for in quality bedding, let’s look at the specifics of a few of the top California king designs. We will cover at least one of each – adaptive/hybrid, foam and innerspring.

 Nectar Memory Foam


Nectar combines traditional memory foam and gel-infused foam with a cover that cools the bed. Its Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam technology provides a feeling closer to the bounce of an innerspring mattress. You can add this foam core to any foundation whether a traditional box spring, an adjustable base or a platform base. This choice provides a medium firmness with pressure-relieving features. You get a year to sleep on it and return it if it does not suit you. The Nectar also comes with a lifetime warranty.

 Layla Memory Foam


The Layla also uses memory foam to provide a sleep experience contoured to your body. Its design offers minimal bounce and reduced motion transfer so you keep sleeping while your partner gets up for a restroom trip or glass of water. The design adapts to your daily needs by providing a dual-sided mattress. You can easily flip it over to choose its firm side or its soft side. Both sides offer excellent pressure relief and because you can flip it to provide a custom experience it works great for side, stomach and back sleepers.

 Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Suite II Euro

 You can duplicate that awesome night’s sleep you had on the hotel mattress by purchasing the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Suite II Euro Pillow Top Double Sided Mattress. It offers multiple features to provide you with that solid night’s sleep you keep getting when you stay in a hotel. This mattress combines three layers – an insulator pad, a smooth top panel in the middle and a two-inch think cool twist gel foam to create 13.5 inches of near plush support. You can use this mattress with a box spring, platform or directly on a traditional frame. It uses continuous coil technology to provide durability and comfort.

 Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid

 A hybrid mattress combines coils and foam to provide support, resistance, contouring and pressure relief. This hybrid does all of that and provides cooling. Nest Bedding’s Alexander melds copper-infused layers with a Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric cover to let the foam layers breathe to keep the bed cool. Choose from three firmness levels – luxury firm, medium and plush. The latter option lets you customize your choice to your preference so you can enjoy the support and resistance regardless of the position in which you typically sleep.

 Nolah Original AirFoam

 Couples who need motion isolation because one partner moves in their sleep might enjoy the Nolah. Its design results in little motion transfer and it remains silent due to its all-foam design. This bed comes in a medium firmness that provides excellent pressure relief. It conforms to your body without giving you that sinking feeling. Its design makes it most suitable for those weighing 200 pounds or less. Side sleepers will probably enjoy it the most and benefit from its spinal alignment promotional qualities.

 Amerisleep AS3


Amerisleep skips the fancy names. Their AS3 provides one of the company’s eight mattress choices. Out of its five memory foam and three hybrid mattresses, the AS3 provides a medium firmness suited to most sleeping positions. Its removable cover consists of a lightweight fabric that encourages heat retention and airflow. The machine washable cover helps you keep the mattress clean. The inner core of the bed consists of Bio-Pur foam, made of plant-based materials that give you a more responsive contour than regular memory foam. It also includes a transition layer that delivers increased stability to the neck and back but increased cushioning and compression at the shoulders and hips. You don’t sink, nor does the foam sag.

 Shopping for the ideal California king bed does not have to cause a ruckus. Many choices exist that suit any and every need. You can find a massive, cozy bed for just you or that suits you and your partner. Options even exist that let you both set the bed’s firmness to your own liking only on the side on which you sleep. Whether you want the bounce of innerspring, the adaptability of a hybrid or the conformity of foam, a California king bed exists to provide it. Now that you know the top options, you can begin comparison shopping today. Once you have tested out how each bed feels, you can purchase online to save yourself money.

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