camping under the stars


I’m not as young as I used to be, and I always need a good mattress. I have noticed when I travel or sleep in relatives’ houses that I am fussy. The need for a quality nights’ sleep is important. Sleep will affect my immune system, mood, skin, hair, etc.… I cannot function the next day after sleeping on a less than ideal mattress.
So when my significant other even mentions camping, I immediately start to think about a lumpy air mattress where I am so uncomfortable that I spend half the night trying to either stay on it or roll out of the hole he created. I kid you not, these are real mental images that send shivers up my spine. Camping and spending time outdoors are some of my favorite activities in the spring and summer, especially in Michigan. The weather is perfect here. Sleeping on an air mattress is not so perfect.
But don’t fear! When I moved into my apartment, I ended up on a quest to find the perfect air mattress while I went on a bigger search for the perfect queen mattress. So here we go, let’s dive into my top mattresses for camping.

King Koil

The King Koil really is the king of camping. It is a high-quality air mattress that has an internal pump (must have) that is easy to inflate.
Inflates in 2 minutes (twin size)
Durable material
Warranty backed by manufacturer for 1 year
Internal coils
Doesn’t sink (MUST HAVE)
When it comes to air mattresses you get what you pay for and I’m willing to pay a little more. I will use this mattress for years and it will determine if I can do the activities and hiking the next day.

Important Features:
– 1 year warranty
– Waterproof
– Quilt top with extra spinal support
– Built-in-pillow
– Internal pump – inflates in 2 minutes
– Patch kit included
– Endorsed by International Chiropractors Association

Englander Luxury Microfiber Built-In Air Pump Air Mattress

Englander claims to have the only mattress on the market fully wrapped in microfiber
Which is good for campers because of the following:
– 20% more resistant to punctures
– 30% more tensile strength
– 20% more abrasion resistant
These are important features because if you have a dog or you have a very rugged trip, uneven ground, then you want to make sure it won’t pop your air mattress.
It is for these reasons that I give this mattress two thumbs way up.
In my experience, microfiber has maintained temperature well throughout the night. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mattress that controls heat and cool.
At only 12.8 lbs, it’s also and incredibly light camping mattress.
– 12.8 lbs
– 4 inches wider than other queen camping mattresses
– Inflates in 90 seconds
– Waterproof
– 5-year warranty
The wider camping mattresses help to prevent rolling into your partner.
The company made it to mimic regular mattresses with reinforced coil beam construction.

EnerPlex Never-Leak Queen Air Mattress

I used to be college and grad student and shopping on a budget was my main factor. Learning to look for quality at a great price became a sport.
This mattress is good quality, queen size, and more cost effective.
Important Features:
– 30-Day money back guarantee
– 2 year warranty
– Lifetime support
– 2 minute inflate time
– Coilbeam technology
– Waterproof
– Puncture Resistant PVC
The EnerPlex company has great customer service and work to make sure you enjoy your camping mattress.
Camping is a great activity whether by yourself or with friends or family. To make the experience more enjoyable a good night’s sleep is a must! In my opinion you should take time and pick the best mattress for you.

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