Best Rated Mattresses in 2022 for Back Pain

man digging into back
Photo by Ash Wood on Unsplash

First off, if you have back pain then you should talk to your doctor. Most people don’t realize that they have degenerative disc disease or degenerative joint disease in their low back and neck. Early detection is the best way to prevent further damage.
Now let’s get right into the best-rated mattresses in 2020 for back pain.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Important Features:
– Memory Foam
– Foam layers individually wrapped pocket springs
– Cooling arena foam top layer
– Contouring memory foam recovery layer
– Active pocket spring layer
– Presses on pressure points during sleep
– Made in USA
– Breathable mattress cover
TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress

Important Features:
– 35% micro-polyamide/ 65% polyester
– Made in USA
– Adaptive foam -bouncy yet firm
– Good for all sleeping positions
– Keeps temperature
– Different from memory foam!
– 10 year limited warranty
NECTAR Queen Mattress

Important Features:
– Memory foam
– Two free premium pillows included
– 180-night trial
– Forever warranty
– Firm
– Cooling
– Breathable
– Mold to the body

These are the top three mattresses that will help to support your spine while you sleep. If you are struggling to find a mattress you like or have been overloaded by too many reviews. I love it when I only have to choose from three products.

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