There is so much that goes into a good night’s sleep. The temperature in the room, noise level, the comfort of your bed, and of course the pillow. Sleeping with the right pillow is essential to getting restful sleep. Not to mention, it also makes your back and body feel amazing upon waking up.

After searching through so many pillows, how do you know which one is right for you?
Finding the perfect pillow is no small task. Knowing this, I did my research to provide you with some of the best pillow brands.

Advantages Of Using A Good Pillow

One of the roles of a pillow is to provide you with a better sleep position. A top advantage of using a pillow is support. If you suffer from insomnia, this may be a result of poor body posture while sleeping.

When your body has an adequate amount of support it can promote better sleeping habits. Tossing and turning while you are sleeping can be an indication that your body does not like the sleeping position. A pillow can provide your neck and overall body posture with support.

A good pillow will offer your neck and upper body with support. Another advantage of using a good pillow is to help ease the pain in your body. Maybe you suffer from neck and back pain, using a good pillow may help to alleviate some of your pain.

Neck pain can persist while sleeping if you are not using the right pillow. Using a good pillow can help to relieve the pressure on your neck, leading to a restful sleep.

Research shows that sleep can play a role in musculoskeletal pain ( ). So, if you are not getting the quality sleep you can be contributing to your neck and back pain. This is why using a good pillow is important to your health.

Speaking of overall health, a good pillow can provide you with comfort while sleeping. Being comfortable while sleeping is essential to obtaining full rest. Have you ever slept for 8 hours and woke up still sleepy? If so, you probably didn’t get your full rest.

Different Types of Pillows

Now that you know how beneficial a good pillow is, it is also important to learn the different types of pillows on the market. Learning about the different pillow types can help prepare you to choose the right one for you.

There are memory foam pillows, microbead pillows, sleep apnea pillows, neck pillows, body pillows, wedge pillows, and many more. I will provide details about some of the most popular types of pillows and how they can support you.

Memory Foam Pillows

You probably have heard the term “memory foam” whether it was about beds, shoes, or pillows. But, what does this actually mean? A memory foam pillow adjusts to your shape. It remembers your body form to provide enhanced comfort.

If you are someone that tosses and turns throughout the night to find your favorite position, this type of pillow is for you. The pillow will self-adjust to your form as you move throughout the night.

A memory foam pillow allows your head and upper body to rest in a natural position. Memory foam pillows come in many shapes and sizes.

Microbead Pillows

Not everyone loves a soft pillow. Some people need a firmer support system for their neck. A microbead pillow is made up of unexpanded polystyrene beads. These pillows are firmer due to the beads. An example of this type of pillow is the neck pillows you use during traveling.

Sleep Apnea Pillows

In today’s market, there are pillows designed for several conditions. Sleep apnea is a common sleep condition. In fact, almost 70 million U.S. adults have a sleeping disorder and sleep apnea is the most prevalent ( ). If you have this condition, a sleep apnea pillow may be right for you.

A sleep apnea pillow is designed specifically if you have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine. The pillow accommodates the tubes and cords of a CPAP machine. This type of pillow is usually made from soft foam. It is comfortable and convenient if you are using any type of sleeping machine.

Neck Pillows

Neck pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are constructed to support your spine. A neck pillow is beneficial you have neck and back pain. It can help keep your body positioned properly to reduce the pain.

Often when you sleep, your neck can twist and turn in positions that are not conducive to a healthy posture. To minimize this from occurring while you are sleeping, a neck pillow provides you with comfortable support.

Body Pillows

Do you need full-body support while sleeping? A body pillow is a great way to cuddle up and give your body full support. These types of pillows are typically long in length. The average body pillow is about 50-55 inches.

To use a body pillow, you place it between your legs. The reasoning for this is to provide lower back and hip support.

How to Choose the Best Pillow

No matter which type of pillow you decide to purchase, there are a few things you should consider before buying:

• Fill & Fiber – The fill and fiber of the pillow are important. Down pillows are light and soft. Synthetic down pillows are less expensive. Wool pillows are naturally hypo-allergenic. Cotton pillows are also hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust

• Size – The size of your pillow is important. Consider if you need a smaller pillow to focus on your neck area, or a large pillow to provide full-body support.

• Quality – Whatever material your pillow is made from and the amount of that material and fill will determine the quality of your pillow.


Choose the pillow that best fits your needs. Below are 5 of the best pillow brands on the market.

1. Wonwo Memory Foam Pillow

The Wonwo pillow supports your neck, back, and shoulders while sleeping. This pillow is versatile in that it has different heights in the front and back of the pillow. This is beneficial because when you sleep on your back you can use the lower side of the pillow for a more comfortable fit.


• Due to the memory foam feature on this pillow, it is specialized to follow the contour shape of your head for enhanced support
• The pillow is made of quality materials and holds it shapes and softness in both warm and cool temperatures
• Small holes in the core of the memory foam provide a dry and cool surface on the pillow
• 3-5 second slow rebound memory foam for comfort.
• The pillow has a two-layer cover to protect your skin

• The pillow length is only 26 inches as opposed to the 30 inches advertised
• High firmness

2. LEREKAM Cervical Pillow Memory

If you are looking for a soft neck cervical pillow, this is a great choice. Several large 3D massaging units are on the surface of this pillow. The soft memory foam material supports your head and neck.

• Soft rebound memory foam for intense comfort. The memory foam is also breathable to limit night sweating and promotes a dry surface
• The pillowcase is made of top-quality polyester with a smooth soft touch.
• The casing on the pillow is also detachable to easily machine wash
• Your cervical area is naturally postured with this pillow to a perfect curvature to improve sleeping quality
• Massaging particles in the pillow provides continuous comfort and relaxation
• There is a high-quality invisible zipper that does not irritate your skin

• The pillow is not extremely thick if you need elevated support
• The soft version of the pillow is more comfortable than the firm version

3. Lunvon Pillows for Sleeping Luxury

The Lunvon pillow is made from shredded memory foam. It is an adjustable neck pillow. What makes this a luxury option is the pain relief design to help your back and neck pains. The pillow protector is made from cooling hypoallergenic cotton to help with a nice relaxing sleep.

• The pillow provides pressure relief by conforming to the natural curve of your body
• High-quality memory foam that does not flatten while in use
• Affordable
• Height adjustable – there is a 3-layer memory foam core that allows you to customize your ideal height
• The cooling memory foam helps to draw out heat. Excellent if you become hot while sleeping.
• Made of 3 pounds of 48D Memory Foam Core for intense comfort and a soft surface

• The pillow may be too high if you suffer from neck pain. But there is a possibility to take a layer out to lessen the steepness of the pillow.
• The support can vary by person. If you are looking for firm neck support, this is not the pillow.

4. LUXFFY Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Another top pillow option, this pillow is great for ultimate neck and back support. The height on the pillow is adjustable and it contains 3-layers of memory foam. This is perfect for nights when you need more elevated support for your head.

• The middle layer of the pillow is ideal for people with neck pain. It can help relieve pressure.
• This pillow is made of foam and has high and low loft contour which conforms to the natural curve of your body
• Your head and neck are aligned while using this pillow to help with overall comfort and a better quality sleeping experience
• A soft pillow cover surrounds the pillow. It is made of hypoallergenic materials that will not irritate or dry out your skin
• The pillow covering is detachable for easy cleaning
• Ergonomic design to help reduce painful pressure points on your neck and shoulders

• The pillow is not fluffy, but firmer and stiffer
• If you are a side sleeper, the pillow may become uncomfortable on your neck. More suitable for back or stomach sleepers.

5. Royal Therapy

The Royal Therapy pillow contours to the unique shape of your body. This contouring helps to support your neck and head. An important feature to point out is that this pillow provides even support to eliminate from your neck and head to rest and different angles.

• Uniform pressure is provided to all areas of your head while using this pillow. This helps with pain and it reduces the probability of neck stiffness
• You can remove the middle layer to better customize the pillow to fit your sleeping comfort
• The pillow provides good resistance under the heaviest part of your head. This helps with spinal alignment and offers natural spinal support promoting restful sleep
• Easy to clean and maintain, you can remove the covering to wash
• This pillow is made from 100% bamboo material that helps with breathability, softness, and it shouldn’t irritate your skin
• Offers firm yet moldable support. The pillow is not too soft, but it provides just the right amount of firmness to support aching upper body areas

• Over time, the pillow will begin to flatten and lose its firmness
• Limited fluff


All of the products above are phenomenal. If I had to choose the best option above it would be the LEREKAM Cervical Pillow Memory. This pillow is top quality, it has a luxury look and feels and provides the ultimate comfort.

What sets this pillow apart from the others on the list is its massaging features and enhanced support features. Remember, when choosing the right pillow for you consider the size, quality, material, and firmness of the pillow.

Although there are tons of pillows on the market, the above products are some of the best pillow brands. They will provide you with support and great quality.

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