Best Camping Mattress for Couples in 2022

Nature-loving couples appreciate camping trips as a bonding experience. To be comfy while sleeping in nature, camping mattresses for couples can recreate the home sleep experience whether in a tent, cabin, or directly under the stars. We discuss the top 5 best camping mattress for couples that are comfortable, durable, and convenient.

Why should you invest in a camping mattress?

If your family goes on frequent camping trips, purchasing a camping mattress is definitely a worthy investment. You will have restful sleep during your nature adventures as if you’re in the comfort of your own bed.

A camping mattress is a multipurpose tool beyond just using it for only camping. For example, if you’re hiking and need an overnight sleeping solution, having a lightweight camping mattress in your hiking bag to set up camp is beneficial. Find out the many more uses below.

What’s the best way to use a camping mattress?

Take your camping mattress on all of your camping trips for optimal sleep. Set it up on the bottom of your tent or rented cabin or lean-to. If you prefer sleeping under the stars, you can put the camping mattress directly on the ground, set it up with sheets and blankets, and enjoy a restful sleep. Besides for your camping experience, there are many other uses for a camping mattress.

Most camping mattresses are weatherproof to fight off the elements if you get caught in bad weather during your camping trip. You can use your camping mattress for other trips such as to the beach, on a picnic, or at outside summer events like community days and fireworks displays.

Your camping mattress can even be used at home. If you do not have a guest bedroom, set up your camping mattress in the living room or finished attic or basement for guests visiting your home for the night.

If you have kids, set up an indoor camping experience by inflating the mattress in the living room and creating a makeshift tent however you’d like. For older toddlers and young kids, create a comfortable and safe play area with the camping mattress and some age appropriate toys while the family is barbecuing outside in the summer. This works great if you do not have a play pen and want to save money by improvising with the camping mattress you may already have in hand.

Consider setting up camp outside in your backyard to get a free camping adventure while at home. This saves money while still creating family fun during the spring and summer.

If you have a truck bed on your vehicle, set up your mattress on it for a comfy seat on a hayride in the fall or to watch a fireworks display in the summer.

How do you choose the best camping mattress?

Choosing the best camping mattress involves conducting your research. Evaluate the size you need and where you will be putting the mattress during your camping trip.

You want to be sure the mattress is large enough to accommodate you and your significant other. Choosing a queen or king size should do the trick in getting both of you sleeping comfortably.

Find out how you have to inflate and deflate the air bed. The best air bed is easy and convenient to inflate for intended use and then deflate when you are finished.

Watch this video from Therm-a-Rest for tips on finding the best camping mattress.

What are the advantages of a camping mattresses?

Advantages of camping mattresses include:
• Restful sleep when camping outdoors
• Stay warm with higher resistance value
• Alternative sleeping solution for any reason at home
• Bed solution that can be easily stored
• Waterproof for any unexpected weather or accidents

What different features should you look for when buying a camping mattress?

Features to look for when purchasing a camping mattress include:
• Double-height technology to support two people
• Able to easily inflate and deflate
• Waterproof design to withstand the elements if camping outside
• Double lock valve to keep air in for optimal mattress firmness during sleep
• A high resistance value (R value) [learn more below]
• At least a one year or more manufacturer warranty

What are the precautions for using a camping mattress?

According to Mapping Megan, resistance value (R value) is very important to consider. The R value refers to how well it insulates your body while sleeping. Nights in the woods are much colder than during the day. Purchasing a mattress that has a higher R value helps it to keep you warm as you sleep.

Keith Cushner of Tuck Sleep warns to check your mattress warranty to see if you can place your camping mattress directly on the floor or if it must be on an approved foundation. Review your warranty papers to see which foundations are allowed for placing your inflated camping mattress before use.

Do not place an infant to sleep on an air mattress. According to Consumer Reports, many infants but those mostly aged 8 months or younger have died sleeping on an air mattress. Be sure to move your sleepy little one to a crib or toddler bed depending on age.

Now let’s get into our top 5 best camping mattress for couples list.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump – Queen Size

Are you looking for one of the most advanced camping mattresses on the market? Look no further than the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. It comes with a motor that automatically inflates the air mattress! There’s no need for using a manual or electric air pump to get your camping mattress inflated. This brand is great to have to save time blowing up your camping mattress as you get other things unpacked at your camping site.


• Bed inflates in 4 minutes tops and can easily deflate after use.
• The motor is actually quieter than others by 20%.
• Puncture resistant material for longer lasting life of the mattress
• ComfortCoil Technology for more comfort during sleep
• EZ pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate the mattress
• Thicker material that is also waterproof
• Cord storage area for when mattress is inflated to keep it pristine
• SureGrip Technology makes sure that sleepers do not slide off the bed during slumber.
• Can support couples sleeping together with a total weight of 500 lbs or less between the both of them.


• Motor could burn out
• Would have to call manufacturer for a replacement motor if specific motor not sold in stores
• Heavier air bed (over 18 lbs) than other models due to the motor
• Bulky and not as flat even when rolled up and stored in its bag

2. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel

Now this camping mattress is definitely lightweight. It weighs only 6 lbs. Choose from aqua, light blue, or green for the 2 person mattress or marsala color in the queen size with flex form technology.

Since there are more color options for the two person Lightspeed PVC-free camping mattress, we will discuss the pros and cons of this type.


• Comes in a variety of colors to personalize your camping space.
• Has a 1 year manufacturer warranty
• A one way valve so air goes in when supposed to, closes during use, and releases for deflation when you choose.
• Battery powered pump included for ease of inflation
• Boston valve adjusts the mattress firmness so both people are comfortable
• Design helps to minimize bouncing when partners turn in their sleep so no one wakes from the movement.
• Stabilized system used is patented for a comforting and restful night’s sleep
• Comes with its own storage bag for ease of packing


• Must purchase 4 D batteries for the pump because they are not included in purchase.
• Cannot hold as much weight because it is a very lightweight camping mattress.
• Will have to pay return shipping if something is wrong with the mattress if you are outside of the 30 day free return period.

3. Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High Support Rest Air Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Feel like you’re at home with the Coleman Air Mattress. Whether you offer this mattress to guests in your home or you and your significant other use it during camping, get the comfort of home right at your own campsite. The removable quilted top makes it feel like a real bed mattress, except it’s portable!


• Quilted top is able to removed for washing in between camping trips or long periods of use at home
• Can be inflated with a 120 V pump or a rechargeable pump in 3 minute’s time
• Valve is dual sealed so the mattress does not deflate during sleep.
• Double-height design makes sleeping and waking up to get up for the day better
• Can support 600 lbs total or less between two people sleeping on the bed
• Top is velvety soft for a comforting sleep experience.
• Design takes the shape of your body for the best sleep support.
• Deflate, roll it up, and store it away when you are done.


• The Coleman brand 120 V or rechargeable pump is not included with the air bed. It’s sold separately.
• You may be exposed to TDI chemicals which could cause cancer or birth defects according to the state of California.

4. Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Camping Air Mattress


Like the Lightspeed air bed, the Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad is very lightweight for any outdoor adventure. It’s only 3.64 lbs which is the most lightweight air mattress on this top 5 list!


• Makes a great car camping bed if you have a flatbed truck.
• Save space in your luggage since such a lightweight mattress.
• Does not take up a lot of space in tent or cabin so you have more room to store your camping gear.
• Built-in manual foot pump to inflate the bed with your foot.
• 3.75 inch thick mattress for comfortable sleep.
• One valve for quick inflation and another for fast deflation.
• Eco friendly and waterproof.
• Wavy design makes for a comfortable experience when laying down resting.
• You have the option of adding a 2 year Sporting Goods protection plan for added reassurance that your air bed will stand the test of time.


• Does not support as much body weight because it’s already a lightweight air mattress.
• Pumping the mattress with your foot can get tiring; not as convenient as a battery powered pump

5. Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad – Inflatable Camping Air Mattress

Enjoy the ease of a rechargeable air bed with the Alps Mountaineering camping mattress. It inflates in just a minute and deflates in 2 minutes. How’s that for fast and convenient?


• Great support with installed coil system for a comfortable sleeping experience
• No sliding off the bed since the top is soft flocked.
• Pump able to be recharged; no batteries needed.
• Double height design makes it feel like a real bed mattress.
• Can hold a total weight of 500 lbs.
• Comes with a car charger and wall charger to charge the battery anywhere.
• Car charger convenient for charging if its battery dies during an outdoor adventure.
• Flip the switch and easily inflate the bed as you get other things unpacked.
• Air bed bottom is 17% thicker than competing camping mattresses and the top part is 10% thicker


• Pump needs to be charged for a minimum of 12 hours before your first use.
• Must let the battery complete deplete before a recharge.
• Recharge time is also 12 hours long.
• Long charge time makes it so you must prepare in advance so you can adequately pump the bed.


Out of our top 5 list, the clear winner is the Alps Mountaineering air mattress. It has ease of inflation and deflation since it inflates in one minute and deflates in 2 minutes. The rechargeable motor creates this ease.

The double-height design creates a comfortable sleep experience, and the mattress holds hundreds of pounds between both people.

Alps Mountaineering has been in business for the past 25 years manufacturing camping gear, so they are a credible manufacturer for high quality air mattresses.

Hence, we consider the Alps Mountaineering air bed the best camping mattress for couples of 2020.

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