About Me

My Mission:

Help people with neck and back pain make smart mattress and pillow choices. 

Who Am I 

I’m Dr. Morgan Crowley, BS, BCAO and I’m an upper cervical chiropractor, which means I specialize in the upper neck and head. Oftentimes I advise patients to sleep on their back or side instead of their stomachs (free tip) to avoid straining their neck and back while sleeping.  I find that most patients then ask me what type of mattress or pillow is best.  While we all know of the super expensive brands that will lift your legs and head and at the same time massage your back, I find that those may not be accessible for all people. I am passionate about helping you to solve the age old question of “which mattress and pillow are best for my neck and back?”

How will this help you?

This website contains a curated list of mattresses and pillows that have been vetted by me! I will be analyzing the products and churning out the data to you, the consumer! Sometimes, I’ll enlist the help of my fellow writers to get you the content quicker, but rest assured the final say of what is best and why it’s best come from me, Dr. Crowley.  I would love for you to find the mattress, pillow or both that will help you to sleep better and in turn help your body to heal during sleep.